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We only dispense safe and high-quality products that exceed required laboratory testing standards. Call now 702-420-2405


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Medical Strains

LAS VEGAS – Marijuana For Sale to All 21+ Midnight July First

Marijuana is legal to purchase in Nevada this Friday at midnight! Come and celebrate history with Oasis Medical Cannabis as we switch from Medical only sales to Medical and Recreational sales starting 12:00 AM on 7/1/17. Show up an hour early the night before at 11 pm to join in the celebration. We’ll be having a late-night kickoff with a food truck (Mr. Cooker), a DJ, body painting, giveaways, a raffle and more. Have fun with us while we enjoy the end of cannabis prohibition in Las Vegas. We’re really excited to take part in the first legal sales to any adults over 21 years old in Nevada. We believe this will be an amazing partnership between the cannabis community and the Las Vegas valley.

Medical patients will continue to receive the same great service they have become accustomed to. Proper patient care from knowledgeable staff has always been and will remain a core value here. Patients come first. We hope that the move to recreational sales will only help to create a better, richer experience for the community that we have already served for several years. It will also allow us to serve those patients from states without a proper medical system or one where their conditions are not recognized.

Oasis Medical Cannabis is located within minutes of the Las Vegas Strip. Since 2015 we have served the medical marijuana community with events, education and of course, by selling great cannabis, cannabis concentrates, edibles and more. Our hours will soon be extended to better serve our neighborhood and those visiting. We’re grateful for all of our medical patients and their patronage. We hope to see you on 7/1 as we make history together.

Video content about cannabis legalizing in Nevada?
or here.

Acquiring a Marijuana Card in Nevada has NEVER been easier

Step one:
Go to this website: https://mmportal.nv.gov/Account/Login; Click: “REGISTER AS A CARDHOLDER”
Scan your driver’s license and attach the file. (If you do not have a scanner, please call 702-420-2405 to schedule an appointment to print your application at Oasis Medical Cannabis.) Fill in the remaining information and click Register. The paperwork you need to print and fill out will be generated as a PDF.

Step two:
Fill out the paperwork and take it with you to Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy. Call 702-441-0928 to schedule an appointment. They can contact your physician to obtain your medical records or provide an exam if you do not have them.  At your appointment, they will help you get the paperwork notarized and then scanned to the Nevada State Portal.  That’s it!  you will get your letter from the state (usually in less than a week), and your MMJ card will be mailed to you shortly.


How to Choose the Right Cannabis


Having access to medical marijuana is a privilege that has taken many decades to obtain. When today’s MMJ patients go to a dispensary, they have a variety of cannabis options to choose from. They are quickly becoming familiarized on “How to choose the best cannabis.”

The smell, the look, and the lab results are all factors to consider when choosing the right cannabis. Now that there is such high quality medicine to choose from, patients are learning what specifics work best for them. The Sativa and Indica decision usually comes first. What type of experience is being sought: relaxed or energized? Sativas are known to bring energy and Indicas are known for their relaxation. An easy way to remember this is Indica = in-da-couch. Patient consultants (commonly referred to in the industry as Bud Tenders) can always recommend a hybrid variety, if something in between is desired.

Buds come in all different shapes and sizes. Some good things to look for when inspecting the selections are: is it coated with crystals, does it have orange hairs, is it purple or green? At Oasis, we carried a flower called Tangerine Dream that tested at 27% THC, yet it had minimal trichomes! This meant that trichomes (crystals) were not the tell all of quality.

The next factor to consider is the smell. Some common aromas to be expected are woody/earthy, pungent, fruity (berry or citrus, to be specific), sweet, earthy, and even a cheesy smell. After some time and exposure, patients tend to figure out what they like from their cannabis. Genetics are the foundation of the personality traits for the different strains. For examples, Pineapple Express is known to yield a fruity smell with a euphoric energy, and OG Kush strains are known for their woody pine smell and deep relaxation qualities.

For answers to any further questions you might have, please call or e-mail us directly @ 702-420-2405 or Info@OasisMedicalCannabis.com. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about medical marijuana in Las Vegas.


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  • Awesome atmosphere and the best staff I've come across. You can tell they've been doing things right for awhile and are on the cutting edge of pre-ordering and self-service from their website to checkout. Great display and selection and zero pressure. I picked up some Blue Power (omg time-slower), Chocolope (happy awake) and Cush. Loud buds low price. may be back for one of those PAX-clone vape pens! ✌

    Gabe R.

  • Nestled in the industry section of Las Vegas on Industrial Rd this dispensary is a hidden gem. @Tre my budtender was knowledgeable about his products and kept me informed the whole time I was there! Not as big as some but not as small as others Oasis is a med sized down to earth dispensary. Check it out for yourself! #respect

    Austin B.

  • I have had my card for three years now and am so glad to finally have a place to call home. The staff at Oasis is filled with friendly, intelligent people. I have had discussions with them on various pieces of legislation and even got an entire lesson on terpenes. They even go as far as to recommend specific meds, depending on the situation. I was having trouble falling asleep and they recommended Ghost Train Haze, which has done wonders for me. I couldn't recommend this place any higher.

    Reni J.

  • From the moment I exited my car I was treated as a VIP customer. I was with a female non patient and was a little worried about leaving her alone in the car at a late hour. The gentleman at the front door (Chris) suggested he would hangout with her and make sure she was safe and comfortable. I have been to several dispensaries here in Las Vegas. The search has ended. I found my new home!

    Patricia L.

  • Awesome atmosphere and the best staff I've come across. You can tell they've been doing things right for awhile and are on the cutting edge of pre-ordering and self-service from their website to checkout. Great display and selection and zero pressure. I picked up some Blue Power (omg time-slower), Chocolope (happy awake) and Cush. Loud buds low price.

    Bon B.

  • Impressed by first visit. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and nice to be served by a fellow combat vet. First rate product. The lotion I got is doing a better job than anything else I've tried. Also appreciate the veteran discount. Thanks all, I'll be back!

    Dom G.