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Acquiring a Marijuana Card in Nevada has NEVER been easier

Step one:
Go to this website: https://mmportal.nv.gov/Account/Login; Click: “REGISTER AS A CARDHOLDER”
Scan your driver’s license and attach the file. (If you do not have a scanner, please call 702-420-2405 to schedule an appointment to print your application at Oasis Medical Cannabis.) Fill in the remaining information and click Register. The paperwork you need to print and fill out will be generated as a PDF.

Step two:
Fill out the paperwork and take it with you to Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy. Call 702-441-0928 to schedule an appointment. They can contact your physician to obtain your medical records or provide an exam if you do not have them.  At your appointment, they will help you get the paperwork notarized and then scanned to the Nevada State Portal.  That’s it!  you will get your letter from the state (usually in less than a week), and your MMJ card will be mailed to you shortly.


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