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BaM Marijuana’s Cultivation Facility


BaM Marijuna is known for their strong genetics of strains that benefit both body and mind. In honor of 420 we celebrated with special promotions with BaM Marijuana. This announcement video from 4-15-2016 was filmed at BaM Marijuana’s cultivation facility.  A large Sequoia Strawberry portrait was raffled to a winner on 420. This summer Oasis will make a new video with BaM Marijuana to learn more about their facility and a few of their techniques that bring out the tasty smell and flavors from their cannabis.

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One Response to "BaM Marijuana’s Cultivation Facility"

  • Sandra Seipel
    September 21, 2016 - 8:50 am Reply

    I was reading about the Channel 8 tour and I noticed some comments that were interesting but incorrect about the growing procedure. I have 5 years experience growing Indica Sensemia when I lived in Willow Creek, CA., Humboldt County. I was one of the first growers and actually got the seeds from the person who went to India, Kush Mts. and brought them back on an airplane. Before that happened the marajuna was primarily Sativa seeded sold in kilos stems, seeds big fan leaves all compressed and wrapped in paper. I have a wealth of knowledge as it was a learning experience and I do believe that I have the answer to the BEST growth, best high, and best time to harvest. I am recently unemployed from a company that I worked for 10 years and moved from CA to Las Vegas. I am composing a small manual or guide and tips at the present but there are 5 basic rules or procedures that will produce top quality & quantity that you would appreciate. Please contact me if you might be interested in my knowledge and skills.

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