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LAS VEGAS – Marijuana For Sale to All 21+ Midnight July First

Marijuana is legal to purchase in Nevada this Friday at midnight! Come and celebrate history with Oasis Medical Cannabis as we switch from Medical only sales to Medical and Recreational sales starting 12:00 AM on 7/1/17. Show up an hour early the night before at 11 pm to join in the celebration. We’ll be having a late-night kickoff with a food truck (Mr. Cooker), a DJ, body painting, giveaways, a …Read More

People are using pot to beat drug, alcohol addiction

A recently published article in the Extract section of the Chicago Sun Times, entitled, “Cannabis as an exit drug: People are using pot to beat drug, alcohol addiction” sites several studies and statistics on the topic of using cannabis as a tool to treat addiction. The article sites statistics from many reliable sources including the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, as well as Centers for Disease Control and …Read More

The 24 Best Dispensaries to Visit With Your Mom

Oasis Medical Cannabis was recently (and rather proudly) ranked by Leafly as one of 24 Best Dispensaries to Visit with Your Mom. We consider this to be rather large compliment, as it implies we possess the following qualities: cleanliness, a welcoming atmosphere, helpful and personable staff, a vast product selection and an overall professional atmosphere. Click here for article.

Acquiring a Marijuana Card in Nevada has NEVER been easier

How to Apply: – Go to this website:  http://www.cohenmedicalmarijuanalasvegas.com/las-vegas/ & contact Cohen Medical Center directly to make an appointment. OR – Go to this website: https://hytekmed.com/medical-marijuana-prices – Select in which state you would like to register as a patient. (Some states require in person visits, Nevada allows for online Doctor’s Appointments.) – Fill out any paperwork and provide ID. (If you do not have a scanner, please call 702-420-2405 to …Read More

How to Choose the Right Cannabis

Having access to medical marijuana is a privilege that has taken many decades to obtain. When today’s MMJ patients go to a dispensary, they have a variety of cannabis options to choose from. They are quickly becoming familiarized on “How to choose the best cannabis.” The smell, the look, and the lab results are all factors to consider when choosing the right cannabis. Now that there is such high quality …Read More

Can Marijuana Help Treat Heroin Addicts?

A recent study by researchers at Columbia University found that medical marijuana improves the treatment outcome of heroin addicts. Patients who were given dronabinol — a prescription drug that contains THC, the active ingredient in marijuana — had lower withdrawal symptoms compared than those given a placebo. In addition, patients who smoked marijuana regularly during the outpatient phase of treatment had fewer sleeping problems, less anxiety and were more likely …Read More

Research Indicates Cannabinoids Can Reduce Migraine Frequency

Proudly, one of our core values at Oasis Medical Cannabis is spreading knowledge by helping to improve the scientific understanding of how the various chemical compounds in cannabis react with the human body. We hope to assist researchers in truly unlocking the medical potential of cannabis by donating up to 5% of our profit to research at higher learning institutions in Nevada. It is exciting to share articles such as …Read More

Terpenes: The Future of Cannabis is Medicine

This article from Cannabis Now Magazine breaks down some of the medical properties of terpenes that have been identified in cannabis. http://cannabisnowmagazine.com/cannabis/medical/terpenes-the-future-of-cannabis-is-medicine-and-household-cleaning?utm_medium=email&sslid=MzGwNDUzMzY0MDECAA&sseid=MzayNDYyMTUxAwA&jobid=f01a14d6-4245-4e6c-a24f-0b0a09290ab1

Most Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

With the Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative (referred to as the Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana) securely on the November 8, 2016 ballot in Nevada, patients and community members have been known to inquire about our thoughts on recreational usage of marijuana becoming legal.  Each of us here have our own varying opinions on the matter, but one thing is consistent, we, at Oasis Medical Cannabis are here for medicinal marijuana patients and that will remain consistent, …Read More

Legal marijuana is doing what the drug war could not

An interesting article from the Washington Post about a decades-long drug war that couldn’t do what Legal Marijuana may be doing…taking a bite out of Mexican drug cartels’ profits. “The latest data from the U.S. Border Patrol shows that last year, marijuana seizures along the southwest border tumbled to their lowest level in at least a decade. Agents snagged roughly 1.5 million pounds of marijuana at the border, down from a peak of nearly …Read More