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CBD cream for joint pain, muscle aches, & arthritis.

The benefits of CBD are now in topical form that you can apply to affected areas. Patients have told us this helps with their joint pain, muscle aches, and arthritis relief. Alex goes over a brief overview of the CBD creme from Apothecanna. Visit Oasis Medical Cannabis for more information. Thank you for watching this video about CBD creme. Make sure to subscribe and visit us on our other social media platforms. …Read More

Digipath Labs – Medical Marijuana Testing

See this all access tour of a top notch laboratory for Medical Marijuana testing in Las Vegas. Digipath Labs is located in Las Vegas and tests a large portion of the medical cannabis on the market today. In Nevada all cannabis products must go through lab testing to make sure they do not contain any chemicals, pesticides, mold, and other non desirables. Along with lab testing we learn the THC …Read More

What is Rosin?

There is a new popular medicating option now available. Rosin is a solvent-less extract, which means it does not go through a butane or CO2 process. Audra goes into brief detail about What is Rosin? Luckily in Nevada all Medical Marijuana Dispensaries must carry products that have been Lab Tested. If you medicate with butane extracted concentrates you are still protected from anything harmful as a Nevada patient. Thank you …Read More

BaM Marijuana’s Cultivation Facility

BaM Marijuna is known for their strong genetics of strains that benefit both body and mind. In honor of 420 we celebrated with special promotions with BaM Marijuana. This announcement video from 4-15-2016 was filmed at BaM Marijuana’s cultivation facility.  A large Sequoia Strawberry portrait was raffled to a winner on 420. This summer Oasis will make a new video with BaM Marijuana to learn more about their facility and a …Read More

Launch of Oasis Youtube Channel

Located minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, we are a fully licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. We plan to provide you with incredible videos from southern Nevada about all types of information. Subscribe to this YouTube channel for weekly videos featuring topics such as health benefits of cannabis, strain profiles, educational series, and exclusive access to incredible cultivation centers. Thank you for watching, make sure to subscribe …Read More