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Las Vegas Dispensary

Oasis Medical Cannabis: Focused on its Patients’ Experience

Oasis Medical Cannabis is a unique Las Vegas Dispensary that is setting the industry standard in Southern Nevada. Its mission is to provide the premier cannabis experience to locals and visitors to Las Vegas so they are constantly focusing on improving the patient experience.

When the first legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas opened their doors in 2015, patients were shocked to find that the prices they were paying did not include tax. Oasis Medical Cannabis was the first in the Las Vegas valley to offer prices including tax, which can be as much as 17%, depending on the product. The surrounding dispensaries adjusted their menus to reflect prices including tax shortly after Oasis opened its doors.

Oasis Medical Cannabis sponsors classes for patients that are intended help improve overall wellness and quality of life. The calendar of events on its website, oasiscannabis.com, shows classes such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, art therapy, aromatherapy, musical enrichment therapy, Reiki/Chakra classes and more. It also hosts events that are intended to educate and inform such as hydroponic gardening classes and seminars presented by nurses, attorneys, cannabis lab-testing scientists, and the master growers at the various farms we’ve partnered with. Once again, Oasis is raising the bar for all patients now that other Las Vegas dispensaries have began to offer similar events and programs.

Oasis opened its doors in December 2015 with over 25 strains to choose from. Many patients had complained about the lack of selection at their local Las Vegas dispensary, with no more than a dozen strains to choose from. Oasis believes that a wide variety of strains are necessary in order to provide each patient with the individualized experience that they are looking for. Oasis Medical Cannabis proudly displays its various strains like artwork on the wall in addition to having the standard “sniff jars” available. (could be a photo caption to add a photo to the blog, if possible) Patients all over Southern Nevada are now able to access a wider variety of strains at their local dispensary.

Oasis Medical Cannabis will keep working on providing the best experience possible and it will continue to try to set itself apart as the Las Vegas medical marijuana dispensary that is truly focused on its patients. Feedback on how to improve is welcomed! Please contact the Patient Services Manager at 702-420-2405 or info@oasismedicalcannabis.com.

2 Responses to "Las Vegas Dispensary"

  • Travis Short
    June 15, 2017 - 9:54 am Reply

    Hi my name is Travis I live in Wv I have been searching for a dispensary that will accept me I have tried & tried & have not succeeded. I have post-treuamtic stress & here the doctors will not refer me anywhere if you could help me or give me some useful information you can email me here or call. My cell phone # is 304 894 2521

  • Gordon Straut
    August 4, 2017 - 10:03 pm Reply

    Was at your facility 8/2 and purchased a 1/2 oz of the Montana Silvertip. I am very happy, your staff was very friendly and knowledgeable !!! I will be returning

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